Our Vision:

ARCA’s Online PGCET -This is the first kind of online examination portal in India for preparation of all India post graduate examination of Ayurveda i.e. AIAPGET. The main aim through this portal is to prepare aspirants of Ayurveda for PG entrance exams for admission to post graduate & Doctorate courses like MD/MS/PhD, recruitments of various posts in Government and Private institutions in the field of Ayurveda at state & National level

As ‘Practice makes man perfect’ so we focus for precision of students regarding memory as well as answering capacity along with time managements through this portal of online common entrance exam and place you ahead of your peers in the competitive world.

Online PGCET team’s vision is to play a key role in enriching every student’s experience of examination-oriented preparation and helping them to reach achieve their goal with our portal of online exam system. We believe in focusing all our efforts in the field of ayurveda competitive examinations.

ARCA’s Online PGCET team of course designers is continuously studying the latest examination trends; student’s learning habits and examiners mind along with syllabus and concerned guidelines regarding admission procedure. Based on these findings, our teacher tries to consistently improve, makes innovative modifications and contributes significantly to our teaching methodology along with pattern of various examinations.

We are a knowledge-driven organization that values students’ expectations and limitations and provides comprehensive solutions to help them overcome their deficiencies and achieve their goals in specified time for diverse competitive examination as well as PG entrance.

We are dedicated to explore new opportunities to our aspirants.

Making a difference:

It is our sincere, prompt and continuous effort for improvement in our models, online test series and text materials, which would be helpful for problem arises in various entrance examinations.

We have commitment to quality in regards with entrance examinations as we have an internal team of experienced quality professionals to formulate result giving strategies that strengthen our ability to provide outstanding results.

All quality improvement initiatives are assessed by means of ongoing customer satisfaction surveys and appropriate feedback mechanisms.

Our mission is to serve society through excellence in education. We care and improve your career, for that we continuously trying to focus and improve our self through –

• The quality of education and materials related to examination we provide.

• The efficiency of our methodologies and systems of online exams for Quality Improvement.

• Truthfulness towards students, parent, society and nation.

Features of our Academy:

• Highly qualified experts and experienced faculty team who are dedicated, hard working and passionate towards your success.

• Highly comprehensive, meticulous, well researched, relevant study material and test papers for MCQ preparation of Ayurveda fraternity.

• More than 20000 MCQ’s in subject wise manner available on this portal and continuously updating and adding on it. All these MCQ’s are randomly selected during online exam for every subject. Efforts are taken to provide all possible explanations of answers and references are provided after completion of examination.

• Online solution and timely alerts for every exam, highly competitive, responsive and motivating environment encouraging you to achieve success.

• Special purposive online exam conduction for various recruitment of government’s jobs.

• Subject selection counseling for Post graduate study and further guidance in research and related work. Our portal is suitable for Ayurveda aspirants.

• This online practice exam series is useful for all over India PG entrance examinations including PGA-CET, UPSC, CCRAS, RO exams.

• It is also useful in various state public commission PSC’s and UPSC examinations of Medical officer, Research Officer and related posts filled in Govt. institutions.